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Every dog owner must have a good knowledge of easy and healthy ways to take care of their dogs, knowing how to make healthy and whole dog treats is one of those things you should be familiar with, this is because the safety of most dog treats on the market today cannot be guaranteed.

The food sector, especially the dog treats sector, is not as strictly regulated as it should be, and you may not know whether a particular dog treat is completely safe for your dog until they start displaying symptoms of side-effects. Even when they display the symptoms, it may be difficult to tell that the treat is behind the side-effects.

Since you wouldn’t be able to regulate the dog treats that are available on the shelves of supermarkets, you could decide to switch to homemade dehydrated treats which your dog will equally love.

In case you need another reason to consider making treats at home for your dog, you should know that making treats at home is cost-effective. The only major investments you would need to begin making dog treats at home are the required equipment such as the dehydrator. A dehydrator is actually the major equipment you would need to buy, and dehydrators come at good prices. The dehydrator will also be a one-time buy.

It is also important to mention, as a benefit of making homemade treats for your dog, that dog treats made at home with specific methods are more nutritious. So, instead of staying with an option that you’re not sure is safe, it is better to stick with an option that can be trusted and will also provide the necessary nutrients for the dog.

Dehydrating foods for dog treats also doesn’t require a lot of expertise. You simply need to slice the food to your desired size and allow it to dry up in the dehydrator. This is the basic process, but some foods may require some modification of the preparation process.

There are several methods of making homemade treats for a dog which include baking and dehydration. In this article, our focus is on homemade treats that are dehydrated. Dehydration is our focus because it is a simple method of making dog treats that involves the reduction of the water content of food. It is also an effective method of preserving foods as well as making real dog treats which your dog will surely love. It is also important to point out that dehydration kills harmful constituents of foods such as raw meat.

What you need to prepare dehydrated dog treats

As mentioned earlier, you would need a dehydrator which will be the major investment. The dehydrator is the equipment that reduces the moisture content of the food. You will also need other equipment and utensils such as a sharp knifes and a cutting board to slice the good to your required size.

Here are our favorite dehydrated dog treats.

  • Apples
  • Green beans
  • Turkey Necks
  • Sweet potato chews
  • Chicken hearts
  • Salmon skins
  • Beef jerky strips
  • Yellow and red sweet peppers
  • Blueberry leather
  • Kale chips

The preparation of these dehydrated dog treat, as mentioned earlier, involves slicing the food and putting it in a dehydrator for the required time. The preparation of dog treats such as jerky beef strips may require extra steps such as freezing the beef jerky before it is sliced. The longer the food spends in the dehydrator, the crunchier the treat will be. The time dehydrated dog treats spend in a dehydrator differs largely, and the entire process of preparing these treats can range from 5 hours to about 30 hours. This also depends on the quantity of dog treat that is being prepared.

It is also important to mention that proper sourcing should be carried out for every good from which a dog treat will be. For example, the quality of the beef used should be confirmed, as this will determine the quality of whatever treat is made from the beef. Your dog will always be deserving of treats. Healthier and safer treats are always better options.