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Dogs, just like humans could get bored quickly when they have nothing to do. They require both physical and mental stimulations to get rid of idleness and negative behaviors like barking.

One way to keep your dog busy at all time is through the use of the dogs chew toys. Dogs love to chew, from shoes to furniture, clothes and even fingers; they like to munch anything they get their paws on.

To avoid destructive chewing of your household furniture, it is vital that you provide a chew toys for your dog, this will foster a safe and healthy chewing habit in them because chewing is an excellent way to keep your dog’s oral help in check.


The benefits of dog chew toys include the following.

Mental stimulations

Apart from the physical exercise like jumping, playing and running, dogs need mental exercise and distractions. Chew toys provide healthy and exciting distractions for your dogs, chewing is a stimulating activity for dogs, not only do they enjoy a sense of destroying the object but the act of repetitive chewing helps them relax and keep their mind occupied.

Gets rid of oral problems

Dogs most time suffer from oral problems such as foul breath, swollen and bleeding gums, plaques and tartar. However, chewing helps to reduce this oral problem to a considerable extent, the coarse nature of the chew toys helps in breaking down the plaque and bacteria build-up which is the primary cause of bad breath in dogs. The chew toys also break down the tartar build-up which is the primary cause of periodontal diseases in dogs. Therefore by simple chewing, a lot of teeth and gum problems are eliminated.

Fights Boredom

The chew toys help dogs to get rid of boredom. Dogs love to get busy, being stuck indoors all day isn’t funny for dogs. Without a chew toy, the dog may embark on destructive chewing like tearing into your trash, chasing your neighbors and barking at guests.

Build independence

Dogs are not made to spend a long time all alone, they always want to have someone by them or something that keeps them busy. The chew toys keep your dogs entertained so they can learn to have fun even when you are away. Also when you are home, they are more likely to give you space when kept busy with the chew toys. It also helps them in learning and developing new skills while promoting their natural behaviours such as exploring, playing and foraging.

Saves Your Household Items

Just imagine coming home to discover that your dogs have eaten up your mattress, chairs, cushion, sofas or your adorable kitty. This is what happens when you do not provide a chew toy for your dogs to keep them busy. Dogs love to chew, when they don’t have the chew toys, they resort to destructive chewing.


Finally, the benefits of the dog chew toys are enormous, as listed above they provide mental stimulations for dogs, eliminate tooth-related diseases, and also help them get rid of boredom.  There are lots of dogs chew toys currently available in the market and the online store, before buying one ensure that you seek the advice of a veterinary doctor because you need to purchase the right size for your dog.